Name this Miami Bar
April 6, 2012

This was guessed in less than a minute in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….which means it is a popular spot.
This is the bar at Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill in Midtown Miami.

Bleau Bar
February 11, 2012


Taken at Fontaine Bleau Bleau Bar

Bleau Bar
December 31, 2011


Taken at Fontaine Bleau Bleau Bar

Tobacco Road
October 30, 2011


Taken at Tobacco Road

Mojito Bar at Bayside
April 3, 2011



@H9mojitobar @uptowndale @socialbuzztv < Drew behind the bar

Mojito Bar at Bayside
March 30, 2011

With @sebrusk @uptowndale – can wait to see vid @h9mojitobar

Name this Miami Bar
September 18, 2010

For hints: ask me
ANSWER:  Sugarcane Raw Bar – Midtown

Sunpost Column – Miami through my iPhone
September 12, 2010

I am so tempted to do a blog series where I photograph a cool element of a bar and then ask the audience to identify the place. The possibilities are endless with all the cool architectural elements all over Miami. Would you have guessed that this photo was taken at Bleau Bar at The Fontainebleau Hotel? I literally had to chase this girl down because she wouldn’t stand still … and the people I was with had a good laugh watching me trying to capture the perfect shoes and the perfect angle. So pay attention … I may be asking you if things look familiar in the near future.

Bleau Bar Legs
August 7, 2010

Gotham Bar – Fontainebleau
August 7, 2010